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     about to drop a solo project titled "Live 4 It, Die 4 It" on March 22nd. His upcoming release will include 11 songs and will feature guest appearances by E-40, The Jacka, Mozzy, Lil Pete, Fmb Dz and Boo Banga. You can pre-order its digital version on iTunes and Amazon. Follow Lil Yee on Instagram. Tracklist:(hide tracklist)
    01. Live a Lie
    02. Sacrifice f. Fmb Dz & Lil Pete
    03. Out of Breath
    04. War Wounds
    05. Red Eagle
    06. Mercy f. Lil Pete & E-40
    07. Concrete Jungle
    08. Designer Baby
    09. Industry f. Mozzy
    10. Reality
    11. Coming Around f. The Jacka & Boo Banga


    DB Tha General - Gas God 2

    Oakland rapper Dolla Dame has just brought his new project to the table. "Maine Street 2" includes 10 songs and features guest performances by Philthy Rich, Lil Goofy, Bandgang Lonnie, Shredgang Mone, Lil Pete, Black Jesus and Fmb Dz. You can order a digital copy on iTunes or Amazon. Follow Dolla Dame on Instagram. Tracklist: (hide tracklist)
    01. Intro
    02. You The Type f. Philthy Rich
    03. Cashapp f. Bandgang Lonnie
    04. Mobb Ties f. Black Jesus
    05. Fuck The Cost
    06. Envy f. Philthy Rich & Fmb Dz
    07. Pain f. Lil Goofy
    08. Lifestyle f. Lil Pete
    09. Pressing Tees f. Shredgang Mone
    10. Can't Get Right


    San Jose rapper E-Nut and South Stockton representative MB Nel are out with their collab album called "San Josie 2 Stockton". The album is made of 19 songs and includes guest appearances by Joe Blow, Mozzy, Mac Hard, Dada Loc, Cutty Dame and Boog. You can order its digital version on iTunes and Amazon. Follow MB Nel and E-Nut on Instagram. Tracklist: (hide tracklist)
    01. My Name
    02. Hold Up
    03. Beast Mode
    04. No Counterfeits
    05. Deep End f. DADA Loc
    06. Cold Streets
    07. We All Gangsta f. Mac Hard & Cutty Dame
    08. Get It Knoccn f. Joe Blow
    09. What You Wanna Do f. Mozzy
    10. CripStyleN f. Boog


     Oakland rapper DooDat is dropping a new solo project called "Call Of Duty" on March 1st. The album will be presented by Lil AJ and will include 7 songs featuring Justo, Stunnadess, Hitstick, Ratchet, PA Dee and Bthergang Vonnie. You can pre-order digital version on iTunes or Amazon. Follow DooDat on Instagram. Tracklist: (hide tracklist)
    01. Champion
    02. Ona Same Hype f. Bthergang Vonnie
    03. Mini Men
    04. Time Is Money
    05. Back To Back 1 f. PA Dee
    06. HungryGang f. Justo & Stunnadess
    07. The 6 f. Hitstick & Ratchet



    One of the most recognizable beat makers outta Bay Area - Rick Rock - is about to hit the market with his new project on the first day of March. The upcoming album will be made of 16 songs and will feature guest appearances by Snoop Dogg, Goldie Gold, Stresmatic, Nef The Pharaoh, Mazerati Ricky and more. You can pre-order it on iTunes and Amazon. Follow Rick Rock on Instagram. Tracklist: (hide tracklist)
    01. Suisun City Intro
    02. #N.C.K.O.S
    03. Like Fedex
    04. Sill Going Dumb f. Goldie Gold & Stresmatic
    05. Extra Clean f. Fresh Game Gulley & Stresmatic
    06. Racks f. Nef Da Pharoh, Goldie Gold & Mazerati Ricky
    07. Im on It!
    08. Rather Be Me
    09. Okay... Reloaded
    10. Main Phone f. Snoop Dogg & Stresmatic
    11. Check They Temperature f. Battle Locco
    12. Chicken Hawk f. Goldie Gold & D.I.C.E
    13. Moment I Feared f. Snoop Dogg & Tracie Nelson
    14. When's the Last Time
    15. It's On
    16. Wake Up f. Ishmael The Rebel